You are on your way to Certification!

Welcome to the Program

You will receive a special welcome email or letter with your student identification. You will need the identification in order to complete on-line assignments and testing.

Over the years the program has evolved from studies and books on CD’s and DVD’s to the point where all material is accessible on-line.You will be receiving links where you may download copies of the five e-books as well as your individual workbook. A special site will direct you to where you may view the videos for the modules and take the on-line testing.

We are here to help. If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to: laurie@incprocollect.comPlease allow us to make a few suggestions based on our experience and some of the hard lessons learned by our graduates over the years.

  1. You have time – but not as much as you think. Your program must be completed within three months. Most students put it off too long and must cram near the end.With a steady pace, you should be able to complete the full program, without difficulty, in three months. This not only makes it easier for you, there are some good lessons that you will be able to take advantage of and improve your performance. Why wait?
  2. A few students tried to complete some of the assignments without reviewing the modules or the study material. That tends to be challenging as there are specific guidelines that are important and need to be followed.
  3. There is nothing to stop you from reading all of the material, but you will find some specific suggestions at your individual sites.
  4. If there is a specific area that you and some fellow students find a challenge, we’ll arrange a conference call.You have some responsibility though – you have to let us know.
  5. Finally….have some fun!It’s a tough enough world out there sometimes and the business we’re in doesn’t always result in our holding hands with our customers and singing ‘joy to the world’….when the going gets tough….the tough – lighten up!We’ve had some fun with the program in general and some of the answers in the on-line testing in particular. We hope you do too.


Congratulations to recent graduates

Successful completion of studies and testing results in a certificate of completion from The International Center for Professional Collections.

This was the most fun I had taking a course – ever. It helped me gain the confidence I needed to be a professional collector. I work alone, so the help and the information was phenomenal for my self esteem and confidence. Thanks; please know I will attend any seminars or take any courses you have to offer in future.

Candy Hurst, Credit Recovery Administrator, Call Collect Credit Recovery Services Corp.

“I really enjoyed completing the PACE program and I am proud to be a part of PACE and it’s a stepping stone for me. Thank you.

…Noel Mohammed, CFCP – Genpact, India

“The PACE program is a fun method to lean how to collect money.”

…Sara Southans, CFCP – Genpact, India

“This program will definitely help you to enhance your Negotiation Skills & will Groom you in each & every aspect of Collections.”

…Kamal Tuli, CFCP

“All the modules were designed in a simple manner – easy to comprehend. It was very helpful in understanding the different types of situations and how to handle.”

…Mumtaz Dafadar, CFCP,