Tim’s presentation let me pull back from the details of my daily business to reflect more clearly on the big picture. Tim has a gift for blending the practical with the philosophical. I am thinking more seriously about the collections environment for the next few years while feeling energized and more connected to the world.’

Michael Schor, CMA, MBA

Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Finance, Ohio University

Webinar is free, but you must register.

This special one hour program will be hosted by Joseph Maina who will be joined by special guest, Tim Paulsen. 

We will cover 19 collection ‘must do’ techniques, or those you should ‘avoid like the plague’. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Who should attend?

  • Highly recommended for anyone who has been in receivables for three years or less.
  • More experienced and seasoned? Perhaps you are doing all or most of the recommended techniques, but why take the risk.

Can’t wait for the webinar? Check the book, “PANIC INSTRUCTIONS” – Collection Techniques during COVID-19.


Joseph Maina, CERM, CFCP.

Director, East Africa, International Centre for Professional Collections. 

Tim Paulsen

Founder and Managing Director of International Centre for Professional Collections. 

Author of: 

  • Paid in Full
  • Collect Those Debts
  • How Would Confucius Collect a Past-Due Invoice – How Would Donald Trump?
  • The Reluctant Collector
  • Creator of ‘The Excuse Terminator’ – Software used by more than thousands of collection experts around the world

Here is what other participants said about a similar program held on July 8th:

You are a very charismatic and eloquent speaker. I hope you continue to share your gift and make a positive lasting difference. 

Sandra Purser

Account Coordinator, UAP Inc

Your program was outstanding and loaded with content!

Joseph Cape

CEO, CAPE-ABLE Consultants