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One hour program with author and international expert Tim Paulsen.

We will cover 19 collection ‘must do’ techniques, or those you should ‘avoid like the plague’. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Who should attend?

  • Highly recommended for anyone who has been in receivables for three years or less.
  • More experienced and seasoned? Perhaps you are doing all or most of the recommended techniques, but why take the risk.

Can’t wait for the webinar? Check the book, “PANIC INSTRUCTIONS” – Collection Techniques during COVID-19.


Black swan or black elephant? 

Some say the COVID-19 Pandemic is a black swan event, one you can’t plan for because it is unexpected. Others say it was more the elephant in the room that nobody talked about or planned for – but there to see and fully expected. 

But let’s fact it, when you’re being stomped, it don’t matter much if it’s a giant black swan or an elephant. (Comes down to it, I guess I’d prefer the swan, but I don’t want to ruin the analogy). Collections has always been a difficult challenge, but our firms have never needed us, the very best of us, more than they do right now. 

To that end, please join us for a one-hour program on 19 of the most effective collection techniques during this time of COVID-19.