Do not ask for whom the finger points!

Whether you support President Donald Trump or not, I believe you will agree there is a lot of finger pointing at the nominations made by the current administration.

  • A secretary of state with no background in diplomacy.
  • A secretary of labor who employed an undocumented immigrant.
  • An individual to run veteran affairs who is not a veteran.
  • A secretary of agriculture who led hundreds of people in prayer in the hope of summoning rain during a drought.
  • An appointment to environmental protection of someone who does not believe in global warming.
  • A secretary of public housing who (some say) has the sole qualification of having grown up in public housing.

There is the President himself of course, the first individual elected who does not have a background in either the government or the military. Granted, that may well be the attraction for a lot of voters to ‘shake things up’ and again, this is an area we can agree and the immortal Jerry Lee Lewis sang:  ‘there’s a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on’. 

They say when you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. How many organizations entrust their largest liquid after cash (accounts receivable) to individuals who have no qualifications or training?

  • Carolyn wanted a job…any job.
  • Kurt was too abrasive to work in customer service. “Let’s move him over to receivables” someone in human resources said, “where that attitude may serve him well.”
  • And Wanda? She was supposed to be temporary, filling in for an employee who went on maternity leave. She’s been here ever since

How do we change this? First, let’s stop thinking of it as a clerical position, akin to accounts payable or bookkeeping. It is not. A professional collector must be able to write effectively, communicate assertively without being too aggressive and above all – be a superior negotiator. Start off on the right foot with the right interview and an assessment as to their collectABILITY.

When should they be trained? Before they ever come in direct contact with one of your hard-earned customers. After all, you wouldn’t bring a new employee into your legal department and then send them to law school. We’re not shy about our programs – they are among the best – but there are others out there.

With apologies to Ernest Hemingway, ‘Do not ask at whom the finger points – it points at you.’