accounts receivable training imageA two-day program to earn designation
as a certified collection professional (C.F.C.P.)


Ultimately, it is about money. Trained and certified collection professionals possess more knowledge and training to collect more money, faster for their firms while maintaining positive customer relations.

Management will expect more from a C.F.C.P., as they should, and earning and owning the designation leads to financial rewards for the individual.

Where: Toronto, Ontario (Downtown, King & Yonge St. area).

When: October 7 & 8, 2016

  1. What is a CFCP?
    A CFCP is a Certified Financial Collection Professional as designated by the International Center of Professional Collections. The CFCP designation requires the successful completion of the PACE program.
  2. Who should be interested in this program?
    This program is designed for those responsible for collecting money owed to their firms. If you want to communicate, negotiate and collect money more efficiently, regardless of your experience level, this program is for you.
  3. I have someone new in the department who has never collected before. Will he be a pro after finishing this course?
    There is a lot to be said for experience in any field and collections is not any different. Your ‘new collector’ will get better as he learns from success as well as the occasional mistake.The PACE program will not give years or even months of experience, but it will help to get the new collector up to the optimum speed as quickly as possible. When certified by ICPC, you will have reasonable assurance that your new collector has been fully tested and knows not only the rules and guidelines, but can reasonably put effective collection techniques into place in your business.
  4. What is the criteria for registration – are there restrictions?
    Anyone can register for the program provided that they indicate that they have read and agree to the terms of service, make a selection of their specialization (Commercial or Consumer) and pay the registration fee.
  5. What is the fee?The full package of the discipline of either Consumer or Commercial collection is $895.00 plus applicable taxes. Third registrant from same firm receives 25% discount.
  6. Is there real testing and assignments?
    Yes, there is. The program requires effort and study on the part of students but is not designed for failure. Everyone with the right attitude and effort should be successful.
  7. What happens if I fail?
    Students have 45 days from program date to complete via on-line testing and studies.
  8. Do you keep track of graduates?
    ICPC keeps an official record of all graduates of the PACE Program© and will confirm certification to employers or potential employers as requested.
  9. Can the PACE Program© be tailored for our company?
    Our training and development team can work with your company to develop and certify your trainers and your program. This includes review and re-certification every two years.
  10. What if the timing or location is not right for me?
    More than two hundred graduates of the PACE Program have completed studies with our on-line program. You can take as long as three months to complete – from your location – at your own (dare we say it) pace.
  11. Who developed the PACE Program and who does the testing. The initial concept was developed by Tim Paulsen, author of “Paid in Full”. It has been reviewed by professional trainers in the field and vetted by the advisory board. The testing is completed by ICPC management/trainers who have a minimum average of 15 years in the credit/collection field.
  12. How long is my certification as a professional collector?
    Your CFCP is valid for a two year period and then updated testing in your field (consumer or commercial) is required. Re-certification, testing and validation fee is $25.00.

Cost: $895 per person, plus tax.

Included with program are five e-books: debt collection training

  • Paid in Full
  • The Check is NOT in the Mail
  • Become the Squeaky Wheel
  • Collect Using Social Media
  • Debt Collection: Stir Fried or Deep Fried
  • Excuse Terminator

Also, a free CIA (Collection Index Assessment) based on on-line submission before the program.

Note: Nobody walks out of the program with an unearned certificate. This intensive two-day program requires pre-study as well as participation during the two day session. Certification is earned with successful completion of testing and assignments.

Sample Certificate

 C.F.C.P. Certificate

If a student does not successfully pass the program testing, they are allowed 45 days to study and complete modules needed on-line.

Modules, assignments and testing is tailored during the program based on Consumer or Commercial collection disciplines.