debt collection trainingThe three key words in real estate are: Location, location, location. In collections and negotiations the three key words are timing, timing, timing.

While you cannot manage time, you can attempt to manage yourself and to influence others. Here are some key tips to give you a bit more time to improve your contact time – which in turns improves the bottom line:

1.) Know your “prime time”. When are you at your best for top-notch collections and negotiations? What is ‘best’ time to reach some of your important customers?

2.) Make it known to people that certain times of the day are non-interruptible. If you have an office door, close it. Turn your desk so that you don’t face people when they walk by. Work in a cubicle? Check out the great product at Take some time and maybe have some fun with this one or you can come across as a martinet or a jerk.

3.) Strangers call? Tell them you are very busy and will get back to them when your task is over.

4.) Got a minute? These take on the average 8 to 15 minutes. Put them off if you can, but if it may be fielded in less than a minute or so – do it and move it.

5.) Delegate if you can.

6.) Stop the insanity! There are some things you are doing now, perhaps a report or statistics that may have been important at one time, but could be stopped now and nobody would know. Or care.

7.) You’ll have some waiting time during the day or week, but it does not need to be wasted. Carry some tools with you, pen and paper or a recorder. Most of us have an electronic gizmo or phone that will cover the task these days. Ask yourself a question when you are ‘waiting’ in line for coffee or in a waiting room somewhere “what are three new approaches for my most delinquent customer(s)”?

8.) Save yourself an average of 2 hours every day. No more complaining.

9.) Be prepared. If you are going to save some time, know what you want to do with it or else other work just expands.

10.) Ask yourself ‘the question’ at least once each day: “What is the best use of my time, right now?”