The Python boys told us that nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Yet, how many of us are taken by surprise, not when a customer give us an excuse, but at the end of the call, once the connection has been broken, that we missed an important question?

Should not happen. Ever.

How to ensure it never happens again? It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  1. List of all ‘typical’ excuses.
  2. Select the 9 or 10 heard in your organization and list the questions BEFORE YOU TALK TO THE CUSTOMER.
  3. Improve on list and questions.

A few of you were kind enough to add to the list we had and you can find the information at this link. 

We’re looking to improve our Excuse Terminator further, and if you want to contribute, you can get one for free.

On the same site, we have listed the long awaited translation of what it means when a customer says, “I have no money.”

Pithy Quote of the Month:


“There are no guarantees, but being ready, beats being taken by surprise.”

Donald Trump

President, United States of America

*I may not agree with many of his policies and his actions, but hey,….it’s a good quote!
…Tim Paulsen