We make you look more attractive

Walking in Ho Chi Minh City last week, I saw a simple and very effective slogan for a hair/beauty salon: “We make you look more attractive!”

Sums it up rather well, don’t you think? We may ask for a number of different things when we visit such an establishment, ranging from a mani/pedi to a cut/color – but the objective is simple and always the same – we want to be more attractive.

Over the years, organizations have spent a lot of time and effort to develop slogans to help sell their services or products. They can range from McDonald’s “Lovin’ it” to “Just Do It” from Nike. But the best slogans can have another effect too, the focus for us within the organization on what we do.

For example, we may not be unique, but our slogan for T. R. Paulsen & Associates is, “We help you to collect more money, faster…and keep the customers you want.” When I and members of our team consider additional products or services, we will often ask if it is a fit with our objectives.

How about your credit or collection team? If you don’t have one, it is worthwhile to create and develop. It will help ‘focus’ and that means improved collection performance.

The best slogans are: short, simple, consistent, focus on ‘what is or should be’ and will stand alone.

Anybody not like money or a free book?

Speaking of slogans, I want to develop a new one for the CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professionals) graduates of our PACE Program. All suggestions appreciated and the best will receive $25 and a copy of “Paid in Full” (via mail in North America or electronic in rest of world).

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Email your suggestions (feel free to send more than one) and we will chose by June 10th.

Pithy Quote of the Month:

‘The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.’
Calvin Coolidge