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I didn’t lose any money, but it took up some of my time, a few hours I could have put to better use.

In the last couple of days as well as a few months ago, an individual or group attempted a scam that focused on collection recovery. The first one was along the lines of, “we have a few clients in your area, anxious to pay and you will receive 40% commission”. In other words – easy money. I did some checking on sites, email and other information and decided fairly quickly that it was an attempted scam.

The latest one says “keep your current job, receive additional salary of $4,100 each month plus commission.” Once again, easy money.

Perhaps you and others have had similar experiences? I know at least one medium-sized agency who had one or two of the assignments and collected what appeared to be certified check from the debtors and deposited them into their bank account. Sure enough, the phone started ringing from the scam artist who made demands followed by pleas for their 60% (even half) to be sent to them. The agency declined to do so and of course the check, which ‘looked’ certified, wasn’t and bounced.

I would like to think most of us are clever enough that we won’t be financially taken, but some of these guys are good – and getting better. For example, the recent offer of a salary plus commission wasn’t mentioned in the initial emails. They ‘appeared’ as a legitimate contact via linked-in.

Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers.

My thoughts are to start a special page on my website where we can share some information on attempted scams. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, after all, they’ve taken up too much of my time already, but if we all invest a little bit – we all save.

However, I don’t want to duplicate efforts if you know of something that may be covered elsewhere so I’ll include recommended links where appropriate.

Your thoughts comments – will be most appreciated.