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With assistance from people like yourself, we are listing valuable resources for those anyone seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of Accounts Receivable Management and related studies. Don’t keep it to yourself! If you know a good book or other resource that is not listed here, please send the information. We will include (with your permission) your name and some brief comments.


In addition to our own books, we have listed recommendations from some of the most knowledgeable and respected names in credit and collection management. Some of the titles and subject matter are specific to accounts receivable. You will find other titles, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, for example, that will improve performance of professionals in risk management, but may not even mention the subject.

If  you would like to recommend a book to be added, please contact us with the title, author and a few sentences concerning its value to those of us in Accounts Receivable.

Please note the first five books listed here are part of the PACE (Professional Account Collection Education) Program and are included with registration.

Paid In Full – Tim Paulsen

Useful techniques for both consumer and commercial collections. Chapters range from writing effective email to the telephone
call, voice to use and dealing with ‘difficult’ debtors.

Debt Collection (Stir Fried or Deep Fried) – Steve Coyle

The emphasis is on effective consumer collection techniques. The author, who has been based for some years now in Malaysia, also offers comparisons to Asian and Western techniques.

The Check is NOT in the Mail – Len Sklar

This excellent book will be of particular interest to those who need to collect on commercial (business to business) account.s

Tipping the Scales – Tim Paulsen

For more than 20 years, Tim Paulsen has been writing and publishing “Tim’s Tips” on collection techniques. In this book, he has compiled the most effective and popular from more than 400 tips that are useful…and fun!

Become the Squeaky Wheel – Michelle Dunn

Michelle covers the basics and more. We recommend this book specifically to those who may work in or considering starting a collection agency.

The MentorShip –

“Tell us one thing you learned in your climb up your career in credit and collections – maybe where you stubbed your toe and learned a lesson or something that worked exceptionally well.”

That was the question answered by 25 seasoned and experienced professionals. They share their stories of ‘snakes & ladders’ in this book written to be shared with all of those who work in the fields of risk management.

This book, in a PDF format, is available for free download and sharing. Click here for details.

How to Win Friend and Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

Recommended by: Tim Paulsen

Tim says this is a ‘must’ read that will not only improve performance in A/R., but much more. It was written quite a few years ago, so be sure to pick up the latest edition.

Collection Management Handbook – The Art of Getting Paid
(3rd Edition) – by A. Michael Coleman

Recommended by: Thong Li

Instant Influence – by Michael Pantalon

Recommended by: Steve Coyle

Steve says, I found this book to be especially helpful on how to handle tough, ‘refuse to pay anything’ & ‘go ahead and sue me’ accounts. 

Credit Institute of Canada Handbook – Volume One

Recommended by: Ken Young

This handbook provides an overview of credit/collection policies, terms of sale, credit investigations, financial statement analysis, personal property security, risk evaluations, collections as well as bankruptcy and insolvency.

It’s great to not only learn and understand these concepts from this book but to retain as a valuable resource for future reference on Canadian Credit Management.


Some films are obvious, ‘The Bill Collector’ and ‘Jerry Macguire’ (Show me the money) are prime examples. Next in line may be movies that involve negotiations, even ‘War of the Roses’ with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner can teach us valuable lessons about communications and successful negotiations.

However, when your business is collections, you can see applicable techniques and lessons in almost any film. You will find a few of them on this list. Grab the popcorn and a pen and paper to take notes. Enjoy!

A special shout out to the folks who suggested movie titles. They include: Alysser Streller, Carla Polito, Eric Borgerson, Josh Cushings, Leonard Sykes, Medhat Moheb, Michael O’Meara, Paul Foster, Tommy Butler, Troy Mulder.

P.S. If you know of others, please let us know.

The Bill Collector

Much of the action takes place in a Collection Agency. The boss goes on vacation and one of the employees comes up with a scam to pay off his own debts. The director, Cristobal Krusen, admits he knew little about the profession when he completed the film. There are some interesting scenes, well worth watching, but take note: Cristobal’s company is “Messenger Films” and he is skilful in delivery of a few messages about Christian values.

Point Blank (1967)

You’ve got to be a tough to collect from the mob. Actor Lee Marvin stared as Walker  (no last name), who said time and again, “all I want is my money”.

In 1999, Mel Gibson stared in a not bad remake titled: Payback.

The Godfather, 1972

“It’s not personal, it’s business.”

Jerry Maquire, 1996

The rally cry of collection departments worldwide: “Show me the money”.

Boiler Room, 2000

The subject is not about collections, but should not be missed for the recruitment speech and its passion and persistence by the telephone representatives.

Better off Dead, 1985

“I want my two dollars.”

Glengarry Glen Ross, 1992

Alec Baldwin’s speech passionate and direct, at least applicable ‘back‘ in the day’

The Debt Collector, 1999

One of the main characters had been a collector for a loan shark, but it is more about the perceived debt to society, as perceived by a relentless and unforgiving police officer. See the movie trailer at the end of this page.

Skip Tracer, 1977

A repo man skips town to avoid his own problems.

Hold That Woman (1940)

As an agent for “Skip Tracers Inc”, Jimmy Parkers job is to track down deadbeats who don’t pay…” So goes the description. The film is dated and I don’t expect it was well received back in 1940 when released and it is even worse now – but it is ‘interesting’ to watch for anyone in the business.


Not what you think!  Despite the title, these movies are NOT about finance or the collection business.

The Collector (1965)

The story is about a man who abducts a woman and holds her captive.

The Debt, 2010

Israeli agents operating in Berlin

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