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Maintain your status as a CFCP

Upon completion, graduates of the PACE Program receive certification for a three-year period and may be renewed every three years. 

A sample certificate is the first image below. It is followed by an example of the confirmation available on-line from the ICPC. 


This information will be displayed on the site, by certificate number. 



Why renew CFCP certification?

Upon successful completion of the PACE Program, certification is maintained through commitment ever three years.

Information will be available on the web site via student number. 

What is the cost?


What is involved?
  1. Payment of renewal/maintenance fee.
  2. Confirm commitment to the Mission Statement of the Certified Financial Collection Professional.
  3. Provide title of one seminar (related to Accounts Receivable) or two books read on related subjects within the last year. 
If I completed the PACE Program some years ago, will ICPC confirm, even if I don't renew?

Yes, it will remain our pleasure to confirm completion of the program upon request.

However, if not renewed, the status on the site is not updated. 

How do I renew?

Follow this link to process payment and you will receive a form to complete.