Ratings for Multiple Collectors

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this exciting project. We believe the research project and results will be unique and are excited to proceed quickly and share some of the results with you.


With our experience, we might agree that a good collector needs to be quick thinking, have a good command of the language, want to win, be assertive, etc.,

But do they really and to what degree? That is the question.

The premise is that the best collectors share defined personality characteristics. Once we know them it will be possible to better determine if an applicant is more or less likely to perform well in accounts receivable. They perform better, results improve, employee retention improves, training costs reduced.


This study is being conducted by Ann C. Jorn, Ph.D. The goal of this research project is to understand the general personality style of people who you supervise. As part of this study, you will be asked to fill out a demographic questionnaire, which is designed to give general information on you the supervisor. You will then be asked to rate individual supervisees on a 1 to 10 scale across a few areas deemed important for collectors performance level.

Your participation in this project is voluntary and your responses will be held anonymous and confidential. No one, including myself, will know which responses were made by whom. The background questionnaire and ratings 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Follow the instructions on each instrument and answer all questions. When you are finished, hit the submit button to send the information to our webmaster. Your name and email will only be recorded to track ‘a submission’ and allow us to send you the promised eBook material and include your name for the draw of cash prizes. Your name will NOT be associated with an individual submission.

Important note: All information is confidential. Nothing of an individual nature or a report that would indicate a specific individual will be shared with anyone.


While we will be sure to share a summary of our findings with you, we also want to thank you in a more tangible method for your valuable time. You will be requested to select one of our eBooks at a value of $20 or more each or the SAGE Electronic Excuse Terminator ($39.95) value. Also, you will be entered into the supervisor/expert draw of $100.00.

You will receive an email request for your selections after confirmation that your submission has been complete.

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