PACE nbtween


Special offer for those ‘inbetween’ work in Accounts Receivable. Registration for program at $50.00, balance only billed if course completed successfully and after 6 months employed in Accounts Receivable.

An on-line program for professional accounts receivable. Ten modules in Consumer or Commercial (you choose), includes videos, on-line testing, assignments and five (5) e-books. Students may take as long as three months to earn designation as a C.F.C.P. (Certified Financial Collection Professional).

Note: After the order is confirmed you will receive the email within 24 hours for setup.

Special registration $50.00 to accounts payable personnel ‘between’ jobs. 

The balance will be invoiced only upon:

  • Completion of the program, earning CFCP designation
  • Six (6) months after employment in Acccounts Receivable


Regular price is $495 – COVID-19 SPECIAL Until further notice, this program is reduced by $100.00.

Produce exceptional results with the PACE Program©

  • Ten modules
  • Nine exams
  • Five books on Effective Accounts Receivable:
    – Paid in Full
    – The Check is NOT in the Mail
    – Collect Those Debts
    – Tipping the Scales (in your favor)
    – Become the Squeaky Wheel
    All in an easy to read PDF format, downloadable on day one after registration
  • Three assignments
  • Two disciplines to chose from (Commercial B2B or Consumer B2C)
  • One live collection call presentation with ICPC Instructor
  • 3-Months complementary access to the Excuse Manage online program
  • Monthly virtual classroom in two time zones
  • 209 certified graduates to date

Unique in the field of credit & collections, students may take up to three months to study and complete all tests and assignments to receive C.F.C.P. (Certified Financial Collection Professional) status.

Important note:

The program should not be taken lightly.  While not grueling or arduous, we recommend 1 to 1.5 hours of study minimum each week. On-line testing and assignments may be retaken, but the pass mark is set at 90%

Choose the discipline that suits your business: Consumer, Commercial or Power.  Students may take as long as three months to earn their designation as a C.F.C.P. (Certified Financial Collection Professional)