Plan A and Plan B – You can pay me now, you can pay me later

Spend half a day, better yet a full day, with two of the leading experts in recovery management in Canada. You won’t want to miss this content rich and surprisingly ‘fun’ program, scheduled for October 9, 2014.

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Seating is limited – so make your registration early.

A ‘once a year’ seminar

  • Reminders first
  • Persuasion is next
  • Negotiations follows
  • Legal action – But don’t throw good money and time after a bad debt.

You deserve to be paid for your products or services. Attend either or both of these ‘once a year’ sessions to learn how to do the right thing and how to do it at the right time.

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plan a and b Oct 9 2014

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Catherine Willson:

For the past 25 years, Catherine has practised in civil litigation and more particularly, in the areas of construction law, commercial litigation, employment, family, and equine law.

She was founding partner of Willson Lewis LLP before moving in 2014 to GSNH LLP. She is a leading practitioner in construction and equine legal fields and participates on a number of boards as well as lectures extensively and publishes on a variety of legal issues.

Tim Paulsen:

Tim is the author of Paid in Full and has delivered highly rated seminars in 23 different countries. He is the founder and Managing Director of ICPC (International Centre for Professional Collections) and developed the Excuse Terminator© and The CollectABILITY Index®.

An early registration is recommended.

You can call us (416) 691-2648 and send a cheque or pay by credit card as follows:

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