Hanif Patel

Consultant & Risk Management Executive

Mr. Patel is a seasoned Consumer Banker who started his career from Citibank Pakistan in 1991 and was part of pioneering team that started consumer banking in Pakistan.

He held senior positions within Credit Cycle in various banks in Pakistan as well as in Middle East and spent his career building and managing Credit Risk and Collection Operations in major banks and had significant impact on those operations. He has received awards of Excellence from major institutions including the Service and Excellence Award and Training and Development Award from Citibank.

With extensive experience in Consumer Credit & Risk Management, he effectively managed the entire credit cycle with a greater focus on Product and Process Development for Retail, Consumer and SME businesses for multiple banks in Pakistan as well as Middle East. He has effectively managed Collections and Recovery in particular using qualitative and quantitative approaches and by exploiting upside chances and mitigating downside risks and is regarded as Collections Champion amongst his peers.

He has acquired multi-country experience living in and/or running Credit and Collection including Recovery and Fraud operations in Pakistan and Middle East where he developed the risk management operations for institutions such including Citibank, ABN Amro Network and others.

As a Risk Management Executive, Mr. Patel has been associated with multiple companies offering advisory and investment support, risk management solutions, training and coaching to the financial industry around the globe.

He carries strong skills in people management and building and managing Risk, Fraud and Recovery units in banks, financial companies and risk management consulting groups. Since 2012 he is providing services as a short term consultant for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – World Bank Group as Receivable Management Specialist.  He is a Business Consultant for Rubik Financial – Now Temenos and helps their banking industry achieve better efficiencies and productivity through the automated collection system. He is also a permanent faculty member at the International Centre for Professional Collectors (Canada) that offers Certificate courses around the globe.

What makes him unique in his subject matter expertise is the capability of mastering both the Art and Science of Collections.  He has been instrumental strategizing and collaborating the implementing several Automated Collection Systems including CGI’s CACS, FICO’s Debt Manager and Rubik’s CWX in various banks and he continue to excel in this field.

Mr. Patel holds a BS degree from University of Houston Texas, USA in Business and Commerce with a major in Financial Institutions. He is a Certified Financial Collection Professional (CFCP) and completed multiple senior global-level courses at institutions in Asia and Middle East with a concentration in Risk Management and Credit Operations.

During his professional career, Mr. Patel has trained hundreds of Credit & Collection staff for many banks by successfully conducting many training sessions and workshops within Pakistan, Turkey, Middle East, Azerbaijan and Far East.

Hanif is an incredible people-oriented person and one of the best people to work with. Professional and still friendly. Great speaker for credit events – workshops and conferences.

Nompy Lilly Msphods

Manager, Conference Production, Bosco Training Institute

Hanif is very instrumental in formulation and implementation of consumer products debt collection tactical and strategic policies. He has strong knowledge throughout consumer collections and system applications. No doubt he is “collection Guru”.

Asif Sharif

Divisional Head of Retail Assets, United Bank Limited

How may Mr. Patel and the team at the International Centre for Professional Collections serve you best?

An on-line program may be adjusted to your team. Some clients prefer to combine the benefits of raising the bar of their collection team by having them earn CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional) status with an Instructor led program, tailored to their specific needs.

If you want quick results, then an in-house program is your best choice.

  • Quicker benefits and improved collections – quick
  • Successful completion rates are higher
  • Some students need or greatly benefit from on-site experienced trainer to answer questions, provide direction
  • Our experienced trainers will adapt the program and training to suit your organization
  • Benefits of group interaction vs. individual learning

Mr. Patel is uniquely qualified to deliver effective collection programs on-site to your team.

Initial consultations are always free.

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Hanif is one of those high energy relentless mover, who with a task at hand will not stop till its completion! The combination of experience, inter-personal skills and energy makes HP a professional yet fun disposition

Mujtaba Naqvi

General Manager - Senior Regional Chief, HBL

Hanif is an incredible people manager, and has demonstrated a profound knowledge of the Receivables Management & Credit industry. He has provided strong leadership in the projects we have worked together on in several different countries.

Burton "Burt" Crapps, Sr

Director, Purlieu International Ltd