Accounts receivable is the lifeblood of any organization. In this time of COVID-19…


Latest book by International Expert Tim Paulsen - specifically written for collections during COVID-19

Someday, the scoring modules and the dialers may be of little use. Someday, you may find the old and trusted techniques have been damaged, perhaps beyond repair. You may find, someday, that when a customer or client says, ‘I don’t have any money’, they really don’t have any money!

Welcome to someday!

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Excellent book, delivered with all the wit and simplicity you would expect from Tim Paulsen. Still, there are serious issues dealt with and novel ideas that are certainly worth exploring and implementing where you can. Worth reading to find out how to connect the cad plate to the frabistat, and why you might want to.

Declan Flood, FCICM, ICP

Chief Executive, International Credit Management Training

In times like these, let sanity prevail!
That’s exactly what your eBook brings to the Credit and Collections Fraternity.
Don’t knee-jerk because the “normal tomorrow” might not be the picture you currently paint on your canvass.

Tomorrow will bring a new chapter and it might be “same old same old” but it could also be totally different.
So let’s stick to the principals we know and in them accommodate for the current changes.

Your work is what is needed now.

JH Eugene Joubèrt

Group Chairman, Corporate Rebels