PACE eBooks


It is a pleasure to have you join us for the PACE Program!

The more than 200 students who have graduated to date have stated the program is rewarding and entertaining. There is work involved too of course, and time management may be important with the busy lives most of us lead. Thank you for making the time in your schedule to help all of us raise the bar in our profession.

Please remember in our business it is cool, calm…and collected! I hope our paths will cross in the near future.

Tim Paulsen
Founder, Managing Director


Here is what you will want to do:

  1. Download all of the ebooks.
  2. Download your workbook from the module page. You may want to put in a binder – as a ‘professional’ , the decision is yours.
  3. A link will be provided to download your electronic “Excuse Terminator”. Install on your laptop or desktop. You have software authorization for ‘single use’.
  4. Take note of the chapters and pages recommended for review before testing.
  5. Record your sign-on for on-line testing that you will receive by email.


There are five of the best books available in receivables management for your review and study. While you may benefit from reading them all, cover to cover, we will recommend specific chapters for review before module testing.

Please click to download the ebook versions: