PACE Consumer Program


“I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.”
…Abraham Lincoln

Long Distance Training – at your own pace

  • Specialized training for consumer collections.
  • Developed, maintained and constantly improved by the best trainers and consultants in accounts receivable.
  • Up to six months to complete the program.
  • Practical testing including recorded role-playing.
  • Certification provided by ICPC upon successful completion of the PACE program.

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At $395.00 per person, price includes all books, testing and modules for a six month period.

The Modules of The Consumer PACE Program©

Module 1 – Rules:

Most students are not governed by F.D.C.P.A. (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), but they should be fully aware of it as a useful guideline. This module covers this Act and provides a philosophical foundation for effective collections. It covers ethical and performance standards that focus on collecting the money as well as managing the status of the customer; the attitude of the customer and the reputation of your company after the collection has been made.

Module 2 – How to be assertive – without being aggressive:

While it is important to collect the money, it is also important not to offend the customer. Being too aggressive may produce results that include unwanted complications. Not being assertive enough may not produce results at all. This module teaches students how to be assertive without being aggressive – how to efficiently collect on accounts with techniques that even work for the F.O.B. (Friend of the Boss). The students will learn and practice the “Goldilocks” approach to collections “not too tough, not too soft – but just right”.

Module 3 – The Telephone Collection Call:

Modules 3 and 4 are the heart of the PACE program because most of our collection efforts take place on the telephone. To be effective on the phone, the collector needs to master the phases of:

  • Identification
  • Statement
  • Rebuttal

This section even teaches students the right things to say when the customer agrees to pay the balance today.

Module 4 – Excuses:

The professional collector will always be ready to effectively handle any excuse or reason for delayed payment that a customer may offer. This module teaches students how to quickly and simply handle both the usual and the unusual excuses provided by customers.

Module 5 – Upset or Irate Customer

In the consumer field, we often deal with Customers who are not at their ‘best’. They may be upset or even irate. Students will learn a minimum of ten effective techniques that will be helpful in this type of situation and when to use each one of them.

Module 6 – The Special Collection Voice:

Too often people in the collections business will speak to a customer on the telephone using the same voice that they would use if they were face to face. This can be a mistake. Students will learn how to develop their ‘special collection voice,’ which is more compelling to the listener and ensures better understanding.

Module 7 – Skip Tracing Techniques

A customer may have moved and forgotten to send a change of address. Another may have intentionally ‘skipped’ with the objective of never having to pay your bill. Students will learn the most effective skip tracing techniques used in the consumer collection field including extensive use of the Internet.

Module 8 – Negotiating Techniques for Collections:

Professional collectors often have to negotiate the terms and of a collection for their company. In this module, students are taught the basics of negotiation and specific negotiating strategies for collections. They will practice and be tested on fifteen “special” negotiating techniques.

Module 9 – Tailor the collection approach

The most effective method of collecting from a lawyer may not work as well with a minister or an accountant. The best approach for someone younger who has just finished formal education will often be different from that of the recently retired blue-collar worker. In this module, students learn how to successfully profile the different types of customers they deal with and to use the most appropriate techniques.

Module 10 – Productivity, Time & Stress

Collections can be a difficult business at times and there is often pressure for productivity – quantity as well as quality. Students will learn techniques to be more productive by taking the right actions at the right time – with less stress.

Program includes 5 ebooks, 2 CD’s of ten modules and the manual or electronic excuse terminator. Students have up to six months to complete assignments and testing to receive CFCP designation.

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