PACE Consumer Modules

Welcome to the PACE Program. There have been more than 200 graduates of the program since it was started several years ago. They tell us they have found the studies not only well worth the time and effort, but fun too!

Together we will raise the bar of knowledge, performance and expectations of those of us involved in accounts receivable – collections.

In simple terms, the program involves:

  • Reading articles and chapters as indicated
  • Review the video for the module
  • Take and pass the on-line test or assignment


You can take your time and adjust your studies, perhaps an hour per week, to fit your business and personal schedule. However, some students have found that six months passes quickly. While it is possible for an individual to cram during the last few weeks, squeaking by with a passing mark, but the benefits of the program are reduced.

What you should do:

  1. Download the workbook and eBooks. (Some students have paid an additional price to have them via CD.)
  2. Read the introduction of the workbook.
  3. View the video on the first module from your CD or via the link on this page.
  4. Read the chapters recommended in the workbook and on this page.
  5. Take the on-line test.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 if necessary.
  7. Proceed to next section when module passed.



Download here – PACE workbook – Consumer5912


You may download the books for the program by clicking on the following links. You may print any or all of the books for your own use. While all of the material in the books may be of benefit to you, specific chapters and pages are recommended for each module.

Please follow the links for the individual modules.

Module One  –   click here

Module Two – Click here

Module Three – Click here

Module Four – Click here

Module Five – Click here

Module Six – Click here

Module Seven – Click here

Module Eight – Click here

Module Nine – Click here

Module Ten – Click here