He gets it!

We just finished a two-day PACE Program in Vietnam. One of our graduates, now a CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional) is Tani Nguyen. He is third from the left in the photo.

His information carries the slogan ‘Collections is not just about the money!’. When I asked him how he explains that if asked, he said, ‘My answer is to help them resolve debt with most applicable solution and come back to a normal life’.

In the program, I tell people collections is what we do, but the objective, for most of my clients is to create and to maintain a customer. The sale is not complete until paid for AND the customer returns to deal with you again – paying on time in the future.

We don’t just train people, we help firms to survive and to thrive. No accounts receivable department? The firm does not survive. An ineffective A/R department? You are leaving money on the table and losing customers.

A couple of questions for you, if I may.

What is on your business card? What is the slogan for your collection department? Does everyone working there know – and agree? If not, guess you better get working on it, eh?