EnterTraining in Poland

If you don’t have the budget for training today, what gives you the idea you will have it tomorrow?

They say in tough times, the tough get going. I’m not sure about that, but what I do know for certain is that they slashing of budgets gets going during tough times and the two T’s are hit first: Travel and Training.

I’m o.k. with the first one, but never with the elimination of training. Still, some changes can and should be made:

  • Get the best speaker/trainer to hold a webinar (saves travel too)
  • Send one or two of your people to a seminar, they come back and share the ‘best’ and only the ‘best’ of what they learned
  • Some of your folks ‘right now’ could share some great training and experience with their peers
  • Consider an on-line training program as an option*
  • Buy some books, keep in central area, one of your members has to share a chapter or a story until there is nothing new to learn!!!

And, don’t worry that you spend money training people and they might leave. The only thing worse is that you don’t train them and they stay!