Out of work? Register for the PACE Program for only $50.00!

accunts receivable training program

Looking for work in Accounts Receivable? 

We can help!

Between jobs? Register for only $50

(Standard registration is $495, (offered at $395 during COVID-19)

What’s the catch? No catch, but there is some fine print.

You will be sent an invoice for the balance of the program ONLY WHEN:

  1. You successfully complete the program, earning your CFCP designation (Certified Financial Collection Professional)
  2. Six months after you are employment in Accounts Receivable.

What does that mean?

  • If you don’t complete the program, no additional fee.
  • If you complete the program but don’t find employment in accounts receivable, no additional fee.

Next Steps?

We suggest you review the programs, commercial, consumer to see the ten modules in each. You may want to strengthen your knowledge and techniques in your present field, or expand in the other. If you have any questions just call (416) 691-2648, or use the contact form.


accounts receivable training program
  • Improve your knowledge and skill, no matter what level you are at now
  • Stand out from the crowd with your CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional) 
  • You investment is low if for some reason you do not complete the program or find work in another field
  • On-Line program allows you to continue your job search
  • Your registration status as well as completion can be confirmed by ICPC
accounts receivable program special offer
  • An increase is participants – We believe once started in this program, you will find it entertaining as well as valuable, and you are going to tell others. 
  • Helps us in our mission to ‘raise the bar’ for this profession of accounts receivable
  • We may not be in it ‘just out of the goodness of our hearts’, but truth be told, it does do our hearts good

Sample of certificate when you earn your CFCP

accounts receivable training program certificate

With your unique certificate number, ICPC will confirm your status to prospective employers. 

accounts receivable training program