A friend of mine Elizabeth Verwey, has sung the praises of mini-vacations for a number of years. We don’t always get ‘one’ full week with our significant other, let alone two or longer. But, with a bit of planning, we can schedule in a long weekend or a special couple of days. The results, (I can tell you from personal experience) for the surprisingly little effort and planning are well worth it.

My business is accounts receivable training and we like to get people together for at least a full day, if not two or three. Due to budget constraints, travel or other reasons, some folks just can’t make the commitment.

Mini programs may be the best answer.

  1. List a few topics that may be of the most interest or would have the biggest impact
  2. Research for a presentation on you-tube or a trainer or speaker who may be willing to give a special rate for a 45 minute presentation – could be at your site, or via the telephone or internet
  3. Afterwards, and this is key, ask and plan what you are going to do differently as a result of the mini-session.

Maybe you are thinking you won’t get much out of it? You don’t need to. One of the secrets of NBA coach Pat Riley’s success is the commitment to gradual, consistent improvement. Let’s take a page out of his book. “Do you think you could enhance your performance by just 1% in five key areas?” Of course you could, and that is the genius, the simple fact that we know we can do it!