An on-line receivables training program. 

What is the PACE (Professional Account Collection Education) Program?

Developed by international experts in risk receivables management, it is designed to quickly increase the knowledge and skills of individuals in a utility who are responsible for unpaid utility bills. The overall objective is to keep the customer and to collect in full.

Students must complete five of ten modules to earn their designation as a CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional) for the POWER PROGRAM. Two modules are mandatory and you may select any three of the other seven. Included with the program is several books (downloadable PDF format) with recommended chapters, on-line testing, assignments and support from one of our highly qualified instructors.

The program of testing and assignments must be completed within two months. We recommend about one hour per week of study and review.

Required Modules: 

  • Rules, Best Practices – what is ‘effective’ collections
  • The Telephone Collection Call 

Optional Modules: (three to be selected)

  • How to be assertive, without being aggressive
  • Effective writing – letters and email
  • Handle Excuses, any of them, quickly and effectively
  • Working ‘with’ the upset or irate customer
  • Develop a special voice to use on the telephone
  • Tailor your approach to specific types of customers
  • Negotiate to win
  • End of the line – possible actions when still not paid

Three of the books you may download when you register. Selected chapters are recommended for study and review. 

The PACE Program is well designed, methodological, and necessary for anyone in Accounts Receivable.  We have grown our company to the largest in our area and attribute our success in part to the curriculum provided. It is a mandatory training tool in professional development. Our employees implement the skills they acquired on a regular basis.

Krista Walsh

President, K.C. Collect

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The PACE Power Program has been developed based on the delivery of in-house sessions at:

  • Austin Energy
  • Consumers Gas
  • D.T.E. (Detroit Energy)
  • Enbridge Consumers Gas
  • Etobicoke Hydro
  • Horizon Propane
  • Horizon Propane
  • Hydro Ottawa
  • Hydro Mississauga
  • Kuwait Energy Co
  • New Brunswick Power
  • North Bay Hydro
  • Northwest Public Power Association
  • Northwest Territories Power Corp
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Toronto Hydro
  • Veridan Energy
  • World Electric Supply