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Accounts Receivable Training

Utilities that provide electricity transmission and distribution face growing and specific challenges.

For some utility employees, customer contact is their full time responsibility. For others, it may be ‘included’ as part of their position description. In all cases, collecting receivables owed for services while meeting legal as well as community requirements demands individuals who have the knowledge and training of effective collection techniques.

Our programs is tailored for the members of MEARIE and is based on years of delivery and consulting and a partial client list includes:



  • Austin Energy
  • Consumers Gas
  • D.T.E. (Detroit Energy)
  • Enbridge Consumers Gas
  • Etobicoke Hydro
  • Horizon Propane


  • Horizon Propane
  • Hydro Ottawa
  • Hydro Mississauga
  • Kuwait Energy Co
  • New Brunswick Power
  • North Bay Hydro


  • Northwest Public Power Association
  • Northwest Territories Power Corp
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Toronto Hydro
  • Veridan Energy
  • World Electric Supply


What is the PACE Program?

The PACE (Professional Account Collection Education) ProgramĀ© is designed to educate and build confidence in collections professionals so that they effectively collect receivables while caring for the customer in a manner that protects corporate interests.

Certified Financial Collection Professionals are able to:

  • Understand and use the most effective techniques to collect past due funds while maintaining the best possible relations with Customers
  • Recognize the differences between policy and procedure
  • Understand, explain and effectively use the philosophy behind professional collections
  • Adhere to the professional standards as defined by the International Centre for Professional Collections
  • Write effective letters, faxes and email
  • Master telephone collection techniques
  • Be more productive in terms of both quality and quantity
  • Quickly and effectively handle ALL of the excuses heard in the utility business
  • Improve their telephone voice – developing one that is more compelling to the listeners and easier to understand


OnlineLearningOn-Line Program

Course material is now available on-line. You can register today and start your program tomorrow!

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