Tim’s Tips – September Bonus

Don’t get mad

I got even with a customer yesterday by saying thank you.


He wasn’t very pleasant, bordering on rude and though I like to think of myself as a pro, I’ve got to admit I’m human and he was about to bring out the worst in me. I could feel a bit of quick wit and ready repartee starting to rise up, where I would say something that might give me some momentary satisfaction but wasn’t going to help in the long run.

Before emotion overtook logic, my eyes caught a new poster I had put up in my office with one of my quotes from teaching collection seminars:

“Don’t get mad…get your money.  
Don’t give ‘em a piece of your mind,
give them a receipt marked ‘paid in full’.

I managed to take a breath or two and then back into the breach – collected in full….thank you Mr. Customer.