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The Excuse Terminator!

This unique product is used by more than 4,000 collection professionals around the world!

excuse terminator software for accounts receivable

Sample – Invoice not paid

Never be thrown by an excuse again! The top ten excuses for non payment – order the consumer or commercial version – with the best questions and statements developed by our collection experts. Good for the seasoned and experienced collection officer, invaluable to anyone who is new to accounts receivable.

  • Standard excuses – and the right questions
  • Seperate files for consumer and commercial
  • You can change all the text to suit your business!

Short video example:

You can start using in minutes. Only $19.95.


Paid in Full! by Tim Paulsen

Collect more money, faster and keep (most) of your customers.
  • Master the phases of a collection call
  • Right balance of being assertive
  • Writing for your living (How to write effective letters, fax and email.)
  • Whose side are you on? (Working with sales.)
  • You get what you negotiatie…and much more!
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Paid in Full

$19.95 from for only $19.95 and you can even have next day delivery!

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Tipping the Scales by Tim Paulsen

Valuable tips & Techniques in the ebook “Tipping the Scales” How to collect from an F.O.B. (friend of the boss), lessons from Tina Turner…much more.   Order from Amazon Kindle for $3.95   Order for KOBO at $3.95 Order a pdf file at $3.95, click buy


Do you have the ability to collect?

Take an on-line assessment for less that $20.00 that will provide an index of your CollectABILITY. This product could become the gold standard for the hire and development of superior collection officers. If you are already hired, you may use the report to help focus and develop on your strengths.

For more information, please follow this link to CollectABILITY Index.

sample report on collectability

Sample report on CollectABILITY

Old school – keep it simple?

You may prefer the manual version of the Excuse Terminator. Keep it on your desk, use as needed. Only $25.00 (includes shipping) Canada & U.S. only.