Ken Young

When does the collection process start?

Effective collections does not begin with a letter, email, invoice or a telephone call. It begins with effective credit granting and our specialist, one of the best in the field is Mr. Ken Young.

Ken has been a credit management professional for over twenty-five years and has global experience in a broad range of industries including the food (aquaculture & beverage), chemical, manufacturing and transportation sectors. Most recently he was the Credit& Collection Manager at PepsiCo Beverages Canada.

He was a founding member and advisors of f NACM Canada (National Association of Credit Management). Mr. Young has served on numerous boards, including the Credit Institute of Canada, the National Credit & Financial Executives’ Forum, the Raw Material Credit Group and the International Center for Professional Collectors. Ken has been awarded the highly esteemed CCP Emeritus award from the Credit Institute of Canada for distinguished and meritorious service for the advancement of credit education and the credit profession.


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Ken is available for keynote sessions, training seminars and consulting.