There is no excuse for ‘I didn’t really mean that’ jargon in your email. Your objective is to command, convince and motivate. 

A few examples of passive-aggressive corporate email jargon was recently shared on the internet. I won’t list everything, but you will get a good idea from the following:


“Per my last email’ = I gave you this information before. Why didn’t you read it?

“Allow me to clarify” = You’re so stupid

“This is just a friendly reminder” = Don’t kid yourself.

“At your earliest convenience” = Forget that, I’m taking right now!

“Obviously” = You’re still so stupid!

I get it. We’re busy and it takes longer to write a short and clear email that a longer one, something I’ve referred to as ‘The Paulsen email paradox’. But, take the time we must – there is no excuse for flabby, inconsiderate and wasteful email.

Your first objective mind you is to improve the format, because it doesn’t matter what you write, if it is not read by your customer. Then you remove and replace – effectively. As the renowned scientest Edsger Dijkstra said, ‘Aim for brevity while avoiding jargon.’

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