A training program at your location.

It takes longer to set up and the investment is more than a book or an online program, but nothing beats the results of an instructor led, tailored program delivered onsite to your team.

Onsite Training During Covid-19

Our tailored programs, delivered onsite have been put on hold due to the pandemic. We are beginning to see the light and set up training dates for some of our clients. 

Please get in touch to begin discussions. 

Instructor led – Tailored to your needs:

Check out our highly qualified and experienced trainers who can deliver the training you need to your team at your location. 

Canada, U.S.A. and Caribean

Tim Paulsen and/or Krista Walsh (One or both, depending on size of group, availability and client preference.)


Tim Paulsen

The founder and Managing Director of ICPC, Tim is the author of “Paid in Full”, “Platinum Negotiations and Tipping the Scales. He has delivered programs and worked with clients in more than 20 countries. Many who have attended his program have stated he is ‘the very best speaker’ they have heard!


Krista Walsh, C.F.C.P.:

Krista’s career in accounts receivable has been on a high trajectory since she started as a collector in 2001. Just a few years later, she opened the doors of her own collection agency “KC COLLECT”, the first and only woman owned collection agency in Canada. She received her final training and designation as a certified trainer for ICPC in Kingston, Jamaica in 2011.

MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, including Pakistan and neighboring  countries.



Hanif Patel:


Mr. Patel has extensive experience in Credit & Risk Management. He has effectively managed the entire credit cycle using qualitative and quantitative approaches and by exploiting upside chances and mitigating downside risks.

He has strong management, leadership and communication skills with proven successful record of transforming businesses into profitable modes by directly managing P&L with a touch of efficiencies and effective people management.

Mr. Patel holds a BS degree from the University of Houston Texas, USA in Business and Commerce with a major in Financial Institutions. He has completed multiple senior global-level courses at institutions in Asia and Middle East with a concentration in Risk Management and Credit Operations.

His background includes working in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrian and UAE in the last 23 years. Over this period, Mr. Patel has trained hundreds of collection and recovery staff for many banks by successfully conducting many training sessions and workshops within Asia, Middle East and Turkey.

While credit and collections is similar around the world, Hanif has added the appropriate adjustments necessary to The P.A.C.E. Program© to ensure it fits Pakistan, MENA and surrounding countries, including, where appropriate, Islamic banking traditions.

Mr. Patel is also a valued member of our International Consulting Team and is available to deliver a tailored PACE Program.

South East Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)

Steve Coyle, M.A., M.B.A., C.F.C.P.

Steve is the author of ‘Debt Collections: Stir-Fried or Deep-Fried?’, where he compares Western vs. Eastern collection strategies and techniques.

He is originally from Seattle and has lived in Malaysia since 1995. His background is in the banking, telco, and education industries. He has dealt with thousands of customers and learners in his work experience. He also has HR experience working as a Trainer and Training Head.

Mr. Coyle has an MBA from Gonzaga University (U.S.A.) and a Masters in Education- Instructional Technology(Malaysia). He is a Certified Credit Executive (USA) and a Certified Financial Collections Professional (Canada). He is a certified ‘English as a Second Language instructor’ (UK). He’s a member of the Association of Credit Management Malaysia.

He writes for magazines such as Quill (Malaysia), New Strait Times (Malaysia), Call Center Magazine (US)m Credit CCR World (UK), Business Credit (US), Credit Today (UK), Training Magazine (US), Credit Management (Australia), and others.

Steve has been instrumental in tailoring the PACE Program, identified as “Tiger Division” to the unique culture and demands of the region. In ealy March of 2012, Steve delivered the first “on-site” PACE Programs in South East Asia to a major Malaysian bank.



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