Get Hired

“Why should we hire you, rather than someone else?”

image job interviewWould your interview would be more successful if your answer included:

  • “My score is 3.62 in “The CollectABILITY Index” developed by the International Centre for Professional Collections. While it is not a guarantee of course, it indicates I have the personality fit for long term and successful collectors.”
  • “In addition to my practical skills and experience, I am a student in The PACE Program and a candidate for CFCP, (Certified Financial Collection Professional). I believe that education and improvement – never stops.”

Or, even better:

  • “I successfully completed The PACE Program (Professional Account Collection Education), and as of February 12, 2015, have been designated as a CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional) by the International Centre for Professional Collections.”

By the way, you will not only be more marketable, you will improve your knowledge and ability to successfully collect.

photo of man with no money

You may have the desire for the program as well as the need to put yourself head and shoulders above your competition, but what you may not have is extra money to register for a program.

We can help.

The standard PACE Program, either consumer of commercial, is $295.00 (plus tax if appropriate) and paid at time of registration.

Unemployed? Looking for work? Here is the deal:

Register for only $75.00.

Six months later, an additional $75.00 is due and payable, but only if you are employed in the field of accounts receivable.

Bonus – Your program begins with a free CollectABILITY Index Assessment (Value $29.95.)

Interested? Check out the details of the program and if you would like to register of have questions, please contact us to discuss further.