Recently, in Wildwood, New Jersey a bylaw was passed banning overly saggy pants. Some folks, it appears, are just tired and some say offended of seeing the underwear and rear ends of many young men.

saggy pants

They are going about it all wrong. It would be more effective to pass a bylaw that requires men over the age of 70 to wear their pants saggy, showing at least six inches of skin below the waist. How long would it take? I contend it would not take long, two days at the most before the younger men would pull up their pants?


Not long ago I delivered an in-house program to a professional firm with dozens of partners. There is a lot of effort that may be expended on the appropriate contact and follow up with many of their clients.

Many, but not all.

The challenge is with the F.O.B. (friends of the boss) accounts. These clients have or claim to have a special relationship with one of the partners. “I’ve talked with Jerome,” one delinquent client might say, “He understands that we will take care of this in the near future.” If their near future was in a few days or one week, that might not be so bad, but of course they are intentionally vague.

How about this for a response: “I have spoken to Jerome about your account and in fact he has coded it as special relationship status, you must be a good friend of his. What that means is that our regular terms of payment are 30 days, but we ask our ‘friends’ if they would be willing to pay a bit sooner, perhaps within 20 days. Would that work for you?”

Some will get the irony right away. How long would it take for the others? I contend seconds, if that long, before they indicate that would be taking advantage of their relationship and you have the chance to respond accordingly.

You should check with the Jeromes in your office. Maybe Jerome is the owner and if he is willing to have someone take advantage of him, it’s his money. But, he should not hold you or anyone else responsible later. This is when two sets of delinquent reports come in handy.

Pithy quote of the month:

With friends like that, who needs enemies