Access to graduates of The PACE Program:

You have worked hard to earn your designation as a CFCP and deserve recognition…and more!

  • You have or will soon receive a newsletter for PACE grads with special articles and information.
  • From time to time, you will receive free or discounted offers

Our organizations expect more of PACE graduates and they should, but recognition is accompanied by additional responsibility.

Please offer your suggestions on how to improve the PACE Program and also how graduates like yourself may continually strive to maintain the level of excellence and professionalism others have come to expect. You may come across new books, articles, courses or conferences. Those you recommend as well as those to be avoided will earn the gratitude of your fellow PACE graduates.n-house:



Starting in 2015, we began to issue and track graduates via a certification number. This allows a graduate or potential employer to confirm details on-line.


If you have successfully completed the PACE Program and earned your designation as a CFCP, we will always be pleased to confirm to you or an interested party at your recommendation.

Member in Good Standing:

An on-line assessment/test/submission as well as a nominal fee is required every three years to remain a member in Good Standing as a CFCP. (Initial graduates were granted a period of five years.)

A CFCP graduate stands out from others not only because of the original investment of time and effort, but the dedication to raise the bar for themselves and others.

We will always confirm an individual has graduated and earned their CFCP designation. However, like other professions, it is necessary to keep up with changes and to ensure the level of knowledge and commitment is high.

You may expect no more than a couple of hours of work, including submission of assignment and testing.


Coming Soon!

The D.A.R.E. Program



Only available to PACE Graduates
with a minimum of six months
as a C.F.C.P.