“I didn’t receive the invoice….the check is in the mail…
…I forgot”

When your customer give you an excuses, with a simple click on your screen, you respond with the right questions, developed by experts. All information is fully editable so you can tailor further the questions and statements to suit your business.

You may choose from a consumer file, commercial, or even both. Got a minute? That is about all you need to view the short video on how this popular tool is used by more than 4,000 collection professionals in 25 countries. The investment is small and the return is great!

How much?

Only $25 per user, one-time fee

  • All information is editable by you
  • Taxes as applicable

Consumer, commercial or both

More than eight users? Consider license for all users at your location for only $200

Used by more than 3,000 professionals in 25 countries.