• Bank (Changing/Switching)
  • Bank account frozen
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business is difficult
  • Check (Cheque) in the mail
  • Check to be signed
  • Customer service (faulty/wrong)
  • Deceased
  • Forgot
  • Illness (Customer/owner/accountant)
  • Invoice not received
  • Marital
  • Needs approval
  • New on job
  • No information received
  • No money
  • Not a priority
  • Not our invoice
  • Our customers owe us


  • Out of work
  • Overextended
  • Paid other bills first
  • Pay by project
  • Product not sold
  • Proof of delivery
  • Ran our of cheques (checks)
  • Refinancing
  • Seasonal
  • Sick or Vacation
  • Social Assistance
  • Software problems
  • Someone else responsible
  • System down
  • Too busy
  • Unusual expense
  • Upset or irate customer
  • Vacation
  • Waiting for money
  • Your company owes us

Thanks to those who contributed to the list of standard excuses:

  • Andrea Harding
  • Asma Khan
  • Cathy Peterson
  • Daniel Piette
  • Donna Pullen
  • Greg Quinney
  • Joseph Leahy
  • Marn P.

For their contribution, we have sent them a certificate confirming a Jaromir Novak* award.

*The Edmonton Mall is one of the largest in the world. Jaromir Novak and his family were visiting from Prague and were lost for three days. Our award is in their honor : The Czech’s in the Mall. 

Our objective is to further improve on our collection tool, “The Excuse Terminator”. The standard list of excuses will be expanded and even though the information is fully editable by the users, we will start our clients off with the best questions and responses to their type of business – and they can tailor further to suit individual needs.


Want to help yourself and others?

We have a great product “The Excuse Terminator”, but we believe we can improve. We’re looking for a few good men and women who will offer some advice and recommendations concerning Excuse Terminators we are developing for these disciplines:

  • Credit Unions
  • Medical/Dental (United States)
  • Utilities (power/water)
  • Veterinary Clinics (Pet Care)

If you have some experience in one or more of these fields and are willing to invest up to 30 minutes of your time, please let me know. In return, we will provide you with a copy of the booklet or software developed ($40.00 value.)

An excuse heard often is, “I have no money.” For some years now, the International Centre for Professional Collections has been working with seasoned psycho-therapist Dr.William Passdew  and the software behavioral scientests at The University of Cobourg to provide you with the definitive translation.
(You’re welcome!)