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It’s like giving your members their own personal collection coach!

What is The Excuse Terminator?

When a debtor gives an excuse, with a simple click on their screen, your members can respond with the right questions at the right time. Never more, ‘I forgot’ or ‘I wasn’t ready’. They can choose to work from a commercial file, a consumer file, or both. Used by more than 4,000 collectors around the globe, T’he Excuse Terminator is available in English, French and several other languages.

And now…it is available with your logo, greeting and message.

Add your logo, message and more.

Got a minute? That’s all it will take for you to view the short video and see why this this software is so popular.

It is a low investment for a great product – very useful and supportive to your members.

Year one: A one time fee of $200 covers all the members of your association.

Year two: Cancel and your members keep what they have, or continue for new members at $100 for the year.

All of your members will receive a free copy of ‘The Terminator Bulletin’ (regular price $20 per annum) with monthly tips and techniques on improving the handling of excuses.

Please contact us (see form on right) and we can get started.