The Seven Characteristics of (very) Effective Collectors:

You may not be able to assemble a team where each of them has these characteristics, but if you do, your biggest challenge is to simply get out of the way. I’ll publish one over the next seven weeks:

A desire to win: 

It is never ALL about the money in effective collections, customer service and retention is paramount and ignored or only paid lip service at your own peril. Yet, at the end of the game, you keep score by whether the account/invoice is collected or not. They hate to lose and are seldom seen as ‘good sports’.

Effective collectors have a need rather than a desire to win. They tend to be the winners of any contests you may have that measure funds collected. They would be first even without the contest, they ‘need’ the success more than your ‘reward’, yet they must be rewarded and seen to be rewarded for their work – fairly.

Good questions in an interview may tell you how they reacted to failure and success in the past.