Image of 'smart' dog

Not far from where I live in Toronto is ‘The Coxwell Animal Clinic’.Posted outside their location and on the notice board of the Starbucks across the street is a message:

“It could be hot and humid or cold and wet, don’t leave your pets outside,
we are happy to look after them – free of charge while you enjoy your beverage.”

We can deduce three possibilities from the notice.

1. These people truly like and care about animals.
2. Someone has been paying attention in marketing class. There is no free pet sitting any more than a free lunch. You at least feel obligated to take a brochure, but whether you do or don’t – who are you likely to contact about your next check-up for Fido or Felix?
3. The pet clinic owner has shares in Starbucks.

They have really asked and answered, “Why should someone do business with you rather than someone else?”

Why you?

Why should your customers want to pay you rather than someone else? Like all great questions, it may be difficult to answer. But here is a great start for you in 2015 – the better you can answer the more you are going to collect.

By the way. You don’t have to like dogs and cats, but I suggest you keep it to yourself or have a fast horse outside.