Ken Young, C.C.P., C.C.P. Emeritus

Ken has been a credit management professional for over twenty-five years and has global experience in a broad range of industries including the food (aquaculture & beverage), chemical, manufacturing and transportation sectors. 

Recent speaking/consulting projects have included Canada, the United States, Brunei and Jamaica. He has co-authored a free e-book for the credit profession entitled Mentorship.

Subjects popular with our clients: 

  • Philosophy, Policy & Procedure
  • The Mission Statement
  • What is Credit? 
  • The ONLY reason we grant credit
  • When is a sale complete? (Not so fast, you may be surprised!)
  • Don’t lend money to strangers
  • Willing AND able
  • Sources of Information
  • References (Keeping in mind, even a serial killer can provide two references)
  • Decision time (never say no!)
  • The Five ‘C’ Factors
  • Setting the Credit Line (never the limit)
  • We don’t want information — we want a decision!
  • The Welcome Letter from the Credit Department 



To reach Ken directly by email: young.ken@hotmail.com