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We have put together a ‘C Team’ for Accounts Receivable Training

Don’t think for a minute that your ‘C Team’ is third place, after an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team.

Your COVID-19 Team is comprised of the best seasoned and credible experts in creative risk management in the world.


After a half year or so of COVID, we asked our experts to give us an update.

To view and download PDF file, click here: COVID 19 Expert UPDATE



International Experts on Collection Techniques during COVID-19

In perhaps the most challenging time we have ever experienced in receivables management, nineteen (that’s right, 19) of the worlds best experts in risk & receivables management want to share their knowledge, tips and techniques with you.

Over the next few weeks, months, years if need be, you will be hearing from the likes of:

  • Tim Paulsen (Canada)

  • Declan Flood (Ireland)

  • Ayse Burcu Aslan (Turkey)

  • Steve Coyle (Malaysia)

  • Hanif Patel (Pakistan)

  • Steve Gan (United States & Japan)


  • Krista Walsh (Canada)

  • Eugene Joubert (South Africa)

  • Luis Eduardo Pérez Mata (Mexico)

  • Darryl D’Souza (Canada)

  • Borys Sadowski (Poland)

  • Michael Liquori (United States)

    ….and others


Declan Flood:

He is Chief Executive of International Credit Management Training (ICMT) that was established  in 2002. Declan (aka The Credit Coach) is a specialist Credit Management Author, Trainer, Educator and Speaker.

Declan Flood tells us about COVID-19 in Ireland, the effects on business and some of his thought and suggestions. He talks about the importance of communications,how hoarding is not limited to hand sanitizers and how he may take some of the accounting institutions to task.
Click the audio above to listen to the interview or the link below to view and download file.

Declan Flood Interivew COVID19 (3)

Steve Coyle:

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Steve has many years of credit & collection experience in South-East Asia as well as the United States. The founder and president of Service Winners International, Steve is the author of Debt Collections: Stir Fried or Deep Fried, Where he compares Western vs. Eastern collection techniques.

Some of the training needed in Malaysia and countries close by, during COVID-19, are not quite the same as in North America. Many people who are or have been in sales or customer service, may be called upon to work in receivables during the next few months. Steve says, ‘What a great opportunity!’

Click the audio above to listen to the interview or the link below to view and download file.

Steve Coyle March 25


Eugene Joubert:

He is the founder and President of Corporate Rebels, located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Eugene tells us it was not due to COVID-19, but his training company has been 50% virtual and his collection business started out with all the collectors, ‘home-based’, so he may be ahead of the curve for receivables. In the interview, as well as suggestions about working with customers during the time of COVID-19, Eugene has a unique suggestion on what our countries might do with their Sports Ministers.

Click the audio above to listen to the interview or the link below to view and download file.

Eugene Joubert March 25 2020

Steve Gan:

Located in Chicago at present, Steve established and operated the first foreign owned accounts receivable management company in Japan from 1989 to 2004. He is the author of ‘Making and Breaking It In Japan’,

In the itterview, Steve suggests a unique method of staying in contact with your customers, how his collection agency in Japan helped people to help themselves and in this time of COVID-19, to realize if your business is third party collections – you have to get very creative.

Click the audio above to listen to the interview or the link below to view and download file.

Steve Gan Final

Krista Walsh:

Located in the Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island, Krista owns and runs KC Collect, the first and only woman owned collection agency in Atlantic Canada.


Click above to listen to the audio interview with Krista Walsh or below for to view the transcript.

Krista Walsh Final

Note: Edited for clairity.

Hanif Patel

Located in Karachi, Pakistan, Hanif is a retail and risk management professional of offers advisory consultancy and training services to several institutions globally.

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Hanif Patel
or view the transcript below.

Hanif Patel Final


Borys Sadowski

The CEO of Gekko Collections, The Science & Education of Amicable Debt Collections with the focus on people, process and technology, Borys is located in Pozan, Poland.

In the interview, Borys shares three areas he is concentrating on for his clients, three that will be important to any of us involved in collections during the challenges of COVID-19. You won’t want to miss them!

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Borys Sadowski
or open, view and download the transcript below.

Borys Sadowski final

Josef Busuttil

Involved in setting up the Malta Association of Credit Management, Josef has been administering the association since 2001. He has been a member of the Council of FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations since 2003  and is currently the President of the Association.

Josef is an intuitive lecturer, speaker and coach, specialising in trade credit management strategies and cash collection tactics.

In addition to an update on COVID-19 in Malta and suggestions on the ‘life-blood’ of organizations and how to keep it flowing, Josef tells us it is physical distancing that is important – NOT social distancing.

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Josef Busuttil
of below for the transcript. 

Please note the transcript has been edited for clarity. 

Josef Busuttil final

Tim Paulsen

Also known as Doctor William (Bill) Pashdew, he is the founder of ICPC, The International Centre for Professional Collections.

The author of ‘Paid in Full’, ‘The Reluctant Collector’ and ‘Sex, Lies & Negotiation Techniques’, Tim has delivered consumer and commercial collection training and consulting in 25 countries

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Tim Paulsen.

Or below to view the transcript. 

Tim Paulsen

Ayse Burcu Arslan

The Founder and Managing Director of ARS Consultancy in Istanbul, Turkey.

She is an an international debt collection expert, industry consultant, an entrepreneur and a professional manager. In addition to managing her own collection agency, she provides consulting and training to raise the bar for the profession of Accounts Receivable Management.

Ayse Burcu Arslan is the first person to speak about ‘receivables management’ in the Turkish press and television programs. 


Click above to listen to the audio interview with Ayse Burcu Arslan

Or below to view the transcript.

Ayse  Burcu Ayslan

Michelle Dunn

Michelle has many years experience in the credit and collections industry, as a collector, agency owner, author, speaker and consultant. She is a contributing author to the PACE Program. 

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Michelle Dunn

Or below to view the transcript.

Michelle Dunn

Michael Liquori

A seasoned and very successful professional in Commercial Collections. Michael shares strategies including becoming an advocate rather than an adversary, success at working from home and his philosophy of why ‘good’ is the enemy of great. 

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Michael Liquori.

Click here for transcript with minor editing for quality. Michael Liquori

Darryl D’Souza

Darryl is the Author of ‘The Art of Quality Debt Collections – Exploring the human side of debt Collections’ published by AuthorHouse in 2019. He has been a banker for over 20 years and has held senior positions at banks including ANZ Grindlays Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, First Gulf Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland in India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North America.

He has also worked with a Global Business Process Outsourcing company in the US where he was part of the consulting team for Business Transformation Services. Most recently Darryl was the Head of Credit Control and Collections for a telco in the United Arab Emirates.

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Darryl D’Souza.

Transcript below, with minor editing for quality.

Transcript of Darryl D’Souza Interview with Tim Paulsen – COVID 19 V2

Luis Eduardo Pérez Mata

Luis is the President of ICM,  Is an international company based in Mexico and with operations in several countries in Latin america and USA.

The company is focused in 3 specific areas:
– Training – Provide open and in-house credit and collections training for financial and commercial institutions worldwide.
– Congresses . To organize and develop congresses and exposition specialized in the credit and collections industry.
– On line services

He has also been the President of the steering committee for WCCE (The World Credit Congress) continuing the practice of facilitating interaction among professionals in credit, collection and third party intermediation from around the world. As world economic conditions have continued to change, this forum continues to provide current, meaningful information and to enable discussion, interaction and a high level of practical understanding that would otherwise be impractical or indeed impossible. On a continuing basis, the WCCE has delivered the opportunity to understand the direction of economies and the business opportunities and challenges faced by participating enterprises, identifying both risks and the returns, and delivering solutions.

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Luis Eduardo Peréz Mata.

For the text of interview, with minor editing for quality, please
follow the link below.

Transcript of interview with Luis Eduardo Peréz Mata


Raymond Anderson

Raymond is the proprietor of Ryan Risk Analytics, Inc, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He worked with the Standard Bank Group for 34 years, and has been consulting internationally since 2015. His latest book, Credit Intelligence and Modelling (Many Paths Through the Forest) is a follow up to Anderson’s The Credit Scoring Toolkit, considered a bible of the industry.

Click above to listen to the audio interview with Raymond Anderson.

For the text of interview, with minor editing for quality, please
follow the link below.

Raymond Anderson Audio