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How Would Confucius Collect a Past-Due Invoce?

Imagine if you will, the smartest and most influential people in the room…any room, visiting your organization, and sitting them around your conference table to give you advice on effective collection techniques?

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Confucius was, by all accounts, a pretty smart guy. What advice would he give for effective collections? How about Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Covey or even Donald Trump?

In this quirky, tongue in cheek book, International Receivables Expert Tim Paulen presents imagined collection techniques by rogues, scholars, saints, sinners, captains of industry and others.

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A few of your ‘special’ consultants
in a Course for Finance in Accounts Receivable:

Sigmund Freud

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Nelson Mandela

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The Mafia
(or anyone with a gun)

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Your Full List of Accounts Receivable Consultants


While we can expect every reader would be familiar with Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Jesus and Donald Trump*, to err on the side of caution and in the spirit of inclusivity, we have included at least a sentence or two at the beginning of each chapter for each consultant. 

*Yes, we are as surprised as you to find them in the same sentence. 

Abraham Lincoln

Chris Voss

Dale Carnegie

Donald Trump

Jesus Christ

Joan of Arc

Linda Babcock & Sara Lashever


Mafia (The)

Marie Condo

Marshall Mcluhan

Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael Leboeuf

Nelson Mandela

Peter Drucker


Sigmund Freud

St. Paul

Stephen Covey

Sun Tzu

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Publication date is March 17, 2021

Check the chapter on Sigmund Freud that has been published as an article.

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