One in five people
is in the wrong job.

Why not at least ‘start’ on the right foot? 


  • Hire candidates who have a good ‘personality fit’ for Collections? 

  • If you are the candidate, find out if Collections is a good fit for you? 


The CIA (Collectability Index Assessment©) provides an immediate report on an individual’s personality fit for Accounts Receivable. 

  • Get the best people in the position – fast – 10 minutes to complete on-line.
  • Improved collection and customer relations.
  • Reduce operating costs with improved retention.

Only $19.95 – immediate results. 

Note of Caution: We believe our product is a very useful tool to help employers AND candidates make better decisions. However, we do not suggest it should be a singular decision factor. 

By the way, think $19.95 is a big investment? Consider what it costs to not hire the best candidates to work with your hard earned customers.


How to have a great collection team? It is no secret. Attain, Train and the Retain.

Origin & Development:

The CollectABILITY Index was initially based on the HEXACO model of personality structure, a six-dimensional model of human personality that was created by Ashton and Lee based on findings from a series of lexical studies involving several European and Asian languages. It shares several common elements with other trait models. However, the HEXACO model is unique mainly due to the addition of the Honesty-Humility dimension.

From raw interviews to an assessment that ICPC provides with confidence was the work of Ann C, Jorn, Ph.D., and founder of The Berkshire Institute of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Research and Initial surveys conducted via The International Centre for Professional Collections (ICPC) involved more than 400 accounts receivable ‘collectors’ in both consumer and commercial, first and third party and with management and experts in the field of ‘effective collections’ from five continents and 22 different countries.


Would you like to have a report that will tell you unequivocally if a candidate will or will not be successful? So would we. While such a report does not exist, we believe The CollectABILITY Index © is the next (very) best thing. We do not recommend a decision to hire or not based solely on our report. You still need due diligence, in particular for ‘yes’ to a hiring decision. The attitude, voice, demeanour and work history of a candidate is still important.

However, knowing ‘better’ how a candidate fits for the required personality will allow you to make better decisions for hiring and subsequent training. That not only means an improved bottom line from improved collections, but also from reduced expenses in turnover and training.