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Make better selections!

Hire candidates who are a good fit for Collections.

Save money and time by starting off on the right foot. You already know that Accounts Receivable is important. After cash, it is the largest liquid receivable in most organizations. Yet, we hire people based on flimsy, if any, criteria – and to not take advantage of training possibilities.

Does your candidate have ‘collectability’?

A simple on-line assessment, completed in less than ten minutes for under $20 that will produce a report on a candidate’s personality ‘fit’ for Accounts Receivable.

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The CollectABILITY Index © is an assessment that provides an immediate report on how well the personality of a candidate will fit the needs of a professional in Accounts Receivable.

  • Get the best people in the position – fast – 10 minutes to complete on-line
  • Improved collection and customer relations
  • Reduce operating costs with improved retention
  • As low as $19.95 when you order ten or more.

Special this month only

We have yet to see a college or high school yearbook where a student has said, “When I get out of school, I want a career as a collector, I want to work in accounts receivable!”

So how do people get there?

Simple. They fall into the position. Mary goes on maternity leave so Jerome from the sales desk is asked to fill in – temporarily. Needing a job out of school, Scott doesn’t know any better and thinks he will be training to be an accountant when he applies for a position in accounts receivable. There have been complaints about Bob’s attitude in the customer service department, ‘let’s move him to collections where that may work in his favor’.

Nobody completed an assessment that indicated they might have the right personality for a fit in Accounts Receivable.

Until now. The standard price is $29.95 for one – $19.95 each for ten or more.

Not sure? We can arrange for one of your associates to take a free test.  Please contact us to discuss.


“Don’t spend any money on training, not a dime…until you know you have the right people. In accounts receivable, you need people who possess the seemingly incompatible qualities of empathy combined with a desire – close to a need – to overcome excuses and hesitations for payment in full.”

…Tim Paulsen, Founder and Managing Director, ICPC.

How to have a great collection team? It is no secret. Attain, Train and the Retain.

Origin & Development:

The CollectABILITY Index was initially based on the HEXACO model of personality structure, a six-dimensional model of human personality that was created by Ashton and Lee based on findings from a series of lexical studies involving several European and Asian languages. It shares several common elements with other trait models. However, the HEXACO model is unique mainly due to the addition of the Honesty-Humility dimension.

From raw interviews to an assessment that ICPC provides with confidence was the work of Ann C, Jorn, Ph.D., and founder of The Berkshire Institute of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Research and Initial surveys conducted via The International Centre for Professional Collections (ICPC) involved more than 400 accounts receivable ‘collectors’ in both consumer and commercial, first and third party and with management and experts in the field of ‘effective collections’ from five continents and 22 different countries.


Would you like to have a report that will tell you unequivocally if a candidate will or will not be successful? So would we. While such a report does not exist, we believe The CollectABILITY Index © is the next (very) best thing. We do not recommend a decision to hire or not based solely on our report. You still need due diligence, in particular for ‘yes’ to a hiring decision. The attitude, voice, demeanor and work history of a candidate is still important.

However, knowing ‘better’ how a candidate fits for the required personaltiy will allow you to make better decisions for hiring and subsequent training. That not only means an improved bottomline from improved collections, but also from reduced expenses in turnover and training.

By the way, if you think $19.95 for anassessment is big investment, consider what it costs to not hire the best candidates to work with your hard earned customers.

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