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What is 521?


5 minutes (maximum)

2 Experts (Worlds Best)

1 Valuable Idea

Why five minutes?

You’re busy, we get it. But, you can spare five minutes, and you already know how important listening is in our business. The presentation may only be five minutes (or less), but we have spent a lot of creative and development time to give you some valuable information in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee. (Or tea, we don’t judge.) 

Two Experts? Why two and says who?

‘Cause two heads are better than one and the only thing better than having the smartest person in the room offer advice on professional colletions is having the two smartest!

Who says they are experts? Maybe you! The only consultants on the program are internationally recognized industry experts and authors. They are, without doubt, the best in their field. Hey, if you don’t belive me, just ask ’em. 

The Power of One!

Not better than average, not good, but one great idea or technique to improve accounts receivable and collect debt.