Check details of CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professional)

This special section has been set up for graduates and interested parties to check and confirm individual CFCP status.

Certified Financial Collection Professionals are able to:verification

  • Understand and use the most effective techniques to collect past due funds while maintaining the best possible relations with Customers
  • Recognize the differences between policy and procedure
  • Understand, explain and effectively use the philosophy behind professional collections
  • Adhere to the professional standards as defined by the International Centre for Professional Collections
  • Write effective letters, faxes and email
  • Master telephone collection techniques
  • Be more productive in terms of both quality and quantity
  • Quickly and effectively handle ALL of the excuses heard in their type of business
  • Improve their telephone voice – developing one that is more compelling to the listeners and easier to understand
  • A CFCP designation is required to register for the advanced collection program DARE (Delinquent Accounts Receivable Expert) scheduled for a launch in November of 2016


There are more than 250 CFCP graduates from the following countries: Canada, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, United States, Vietnam.