image for certification of accounts

Are you willing to take the collection challenge? 

  1. Contact us to arrange either a call to one of our instructors or to send in an audio file. 
  2. One of our training instructors will evaluate your call and report on suggested improvements. 
What's in it for us?

Collection training is what we do and we are focused, inspired, dedicated, determined…you get the idea, and we beleive we are the best in the world. We would like the chance to prove it to you and if you agree, you will be interested in a in-house or virtual program, e-books or coaching.

If not, no hard feelings.

What's in it for you?

An opportunity to have your skills in collection, persuasion and negotiation evaluated by the best in the business at no cost. A bit of your time is invested – and perhaps your ego. 

You will receive and evaluation that will improve your performance. If we cannot make even ‘one’ valuable suggestion, we will send you a certificate like the following.