This ‘special’ page is for C.F.C.P.’s (Certified Financial Collection Professionals), graduates of the P.A.C.E. program.

You have worked hard for it and your designation as a CFCP means that you have a license to ‘collect – masterfully’.

Upon request, the I.C.P.C. (International Centre for Professional Collections) will be please to confirm your designation to employers or potential employers. Simply contact us with the details, including your full name and date of graduation.

You have earned some privileges:

  • 50% reduction to attend scheduled webinars.
  • A 90% reduction on special collection seminars.
  • FREE ‘special’ CFCP ONLY newsletter – receive tips and special offers not offered to others or before received by the public.
  • Consult/Call two times each year for up to 30 minutes FREE, concerning collections or career development with instructor at ICPC.
  • Got friends? We’ll give one of them a discount of 40% off registration for a consumer or commercial PACE program.

Raising the Bar!

Your CFCP designation is a recognized successful method to raise the bar of this profession.

However, we have to keep it there too and that involves maintenance. Education and improved performance, stretching our reach, never stops. After all, none of us would want to attend a doctor or use a lawyer who didn’t keep up with studies and trends.

The ICPC will always confirm your original graduation date upon request. However, to be confirmed as a CFCP in good standing and maintain stated privileges involves the successful completion of a test/assignment every three years as well as payment of a nominal fee.

As of January, 2012 the renewal fees are:

Canada and United States: $30.00

Europe: 20€

India, Africa, S.E. Asia: $15.00