The Collection Call Challenge



Think you
can make
a ‘great’
Collection Call?




There is a simple way to find out. We invite you to take the Collection Call Challenge.

  1. We arrange a collection call from you to one of our instructors. (Details will be covered via email or a separate call.)
  2. After the call, you will receive a verbal or written critique by one of the most seasoned and experienced international experts in Receivables Management.

The best news? You can’t lose!

Let me repeat – you cannot lose!

You receive either a valuable report with specific recommendations for improvement or…there is the slight but distinct possibility that our expert cannot find anything wrong with your collection call, in which case you recieve an also valuable certificate like the one below.

Put it up on your wall, send copies to your clients, maybe one to your mother, shout it out that the International Centre for Professional Collections has reviewed your collection call efforts and can’t make any improvements and hence (love that one) has bestowed upon you the ‘GREAT SCOT* CERTIFICATE’

*Superior Collection performance Over the Telephone

What’s the catch? No catch, but there is some fine print:

1.) Limited to one individual and a single call/review per organization.

2.) Restricted to first-party collection activity (consumer or commercial).

Want to get started? That is simple too. Follow the link to the contact page and enter ‘collection call challenge’ or ‘great scot’ in the subject line and we will be in touch.