We are committed to increasing the knowledge of the profession and raising the bar. 

KC Collect – We specialize in Creating Cash Flow

Founded by Krista T Walsh. Officially licensed on July 20 2005, this company was the first collection agency to be owned and operated by a woman in Atlantic Canada. It is also the first company accredited in Canada by the International Center for Professional Collections. All full time employees of KC Collect have the designation of CFCP (Certified Financial Collection Professionals).


ServiceWinners International Sdn. Bhd,

Founded in 2003, is a service & communication skills training provider. Based in Malaysia, we are ready to travel the world to deliver our programs. Our training has taken us to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cyprus, India, Afghanistan, and the U.S. We are an HRDF certified training provider.

Our training programs include service mindset, retail selling skills, debt collections, telesales, customer service, supervisory skills, business writing, job interviewing, and other areas. EACH learning program is customized to your unique needs.

International Credit Management Training (ICMT)

The firm was established by Declan Flood in 2002. Declan (aka The Credit Coach) is a specialist Credit Management Author, Trainer, Educator and Speaker.

He is recognised as a thought leader in Credit worldwide for his total business approach to Credit that is not only about getting paid in full and on time, it is also about maintaining excellent customer relationships, finding a way to deliver every order, and promoting profitable sales.