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The benefits of your business membership include your choice of two e-books. They are PDF files, readable from any computer.

A young man, feeling he has ‘no choice’ reluctantly takes a transfer to Accounts Receivable. On his way to his new assignment, he meets a mysterious man in the park who tells him there is a much better option than ‘just’ making lemonade when someone hands you a lemon. Over the next few months he learns the most effective methods to collect and still keep customers. When he is offered a chance to return to his previous position in I.T., he …………, well, you’ll have to read the book, won’t you?

During this most difficult time, they have never needed us more!

Effective, Creative and Practical collection techniques during the time of COVID-19.

The best and most popular collection techniques of the last 20 years from Tim Paulsen’s Newsletter, “Tim’s Tips”.


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