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What you will want to know: 

  • Who can become an affiliate? 
    Anyone with an interest in raising the bar of the profession and would like to receive a commision for sales may apply to become an affiliate. The application will be reviewed and a link shared for those approved. 

  • What is the commission rate?
    You may expect a rate of 25% of net sales.
  • When and how is it paid? 
    You should receive payment by the middle of the month, for sales of the previous month. Commission will be sent via your PayPal account unless otherwise agreed.
  • Who can cancel? 
    You may drop out at any time and we reserve the right to discontinue the relationship and will pay commission on approved sales.
  • What about sales I didn’t get credit for? 
    We plan to be fair and will discuss and hopefully resolve any issues of commission not proprerly credited to your account. After all, if you are making money, we are too!