This tip is for the experienced and seasoned individual working in accounts Receivable. You know if you fit the category. Some days you will figure you have heard “all” the stories and you have been around long enough to say ‘been there, done that, have the mug, the T-shirt, and the video!’

In my business, I have the opportunity to sit in with a lot of Collectors. It is not hard to spot the folks with experience. They are quick with their response. They work at a steady, above average pace. They also appear to be bored to tears!

Well, it is tough if one’s been in the business for a time. Harder still to instill some freshness when you are speaking with the 43rd person to call in that day. It may not be that great for the Customer or for the client, but it’s no picnic for the collector either. It can make for a long day.

The following will benefit your Customer and the firm that pays you and it will also make your day pass a lot quicker.

Give yourself an objective. I will give you a couple, but do not be afraid to be creative.

  1. Make a ‘perfect’ collection call. This is where you will give yourself 10 out of 10. If you have been around for some time, you make good calls, but be tough in your rating. I am talking perfection!
  2. Turn a disgruntled Customer around – fully. The call starts off tough, but by the end you have them not only agreeing to make the required payment, but have the belief that they would speak well of you and your firm.Don’t worry that ‘every’ call is not perfect. Michael Jordon did not go up and down the basketball courts at 100% effort in every play of the game. Same with Wayne Gretzky or any other athlete.

    Award yourself a prize. It doesn’t have to be much, but it does need to be something that you want. Perhaps you have a favorite chocolate bar, ice cream or ‘exotic’ coffee. Maybe a ‘special’ martini or a glass of wine. Had your eye on a new outfit or a piece of sporting equipment. O.K., perhaps you would have bought it anyway, but set it as your target. Not only will the day go a lot quicker, but you will find you’ll enjoy your winning more too!

From Tim’s book of Pithy Sayings:


“When you win, nothing hurts!”
….Joe Namath, winning quarterback